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Premiere Salt Lake acupuncture & massage clinic.  Safe, effective treatment for stress, aging gracefully, enhancing fertility and more from a top Salt Lake Acupuncturist and Massage Therapy

Your journey back to optimal health is much easier with a trusted guide.

You are here because  you or your child is unwell or in pain and you are ready to take the next step towards healing.  You are ready to try something different.  You want to stop covering up symptoms and get to the root of you or your child’s health concerns.  In Chinese and holistic medicine, good health is so much more than what the physical being exhibits.  True health and vitality are measured by the quality of integration and harmony between all three levels of being: body, mind and spirit.  An imbalance in any  of these areas will eventually affect the others, as they are designed to synergistically support and balance each other.




Heather Seay, L.Ac.

We practice Holistic Medicine.

We utilize Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and massage therapy to support you in achieving optimal health.  We have over 30 years combined experience in the holistic medicine field and have helped thousands of people just like you who are  looking for natural solutions to healing and helping their health concerns.  We also provide support through gut healing, energy clearing, nutrition and lifestyle and herbs.  We collaborate with some highly esteemed health professionals that practice in the fields of Chiropractic, Life Coaching, Lymphatic and Cranial Sacral massage therapy and Neuromuscular massage therapy.  Through this collaboration, you truly can heal all aspects of your life – all under one roof.  We look forward to helping you and we truly believe that when your body, mind and spirit are healthy, happy and feeling well you have the energy to move in the direction of your dreams.


James Seay, LMT

Why Choose CC Natural Medicine & Dynamic Wellness as Your Holistic Healthcare Clinic?

  • You will leave feeling more relaxed then when you came in
  • You will improve your quality of life and well-being as we shift patterns and habits
  • The root cause of your health concerns is addressed
  • Your healthcare providers stay up to date on recent research and are continuously learning to hone their expertise
  • Your healthcare clinic offers expert, current, evidence based treatments
  • Your care includes a complete report of findings and treatment plan with an Eastern Medicine diagnosis and which acupuncture meridians are out of balance
  • You receive comprehensive, personalized nutrition, herb, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
  • Your holistic healthcare clinic offers Chinese medicine, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral and Life Coaching all under one roof

This approach is not right for everyone.  It may not be a good match if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix or silver bullet
  • You are not open to changing the way you eat, live and move
  • You are not open to taking herbs and supplements
  • You are not interested in addressing the root or underlying cause of your health concerns
  • Your health is not in the top 3 of your priorities


Integrative Medicine

in the heart of Salt Lake

Elevate . Empower . Enhance

We Are Passionate about holistic medicine. We are here to help you restore your health and well-being using effective, gentle techniques that work with your body, not against it

Fertility & reproductive Health

Pain management

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine

Therapeutic Massage


Eastern Bench is owned by husband and wife team Master massage therapist James Seay (LMT) and Dr. Heather Seay (DACM, LAc, FABORM).  We combine our niches and clinical strengths to treat a variety of health conditions, both musculoskeletal and internal, offering you the best of both worlds & medicines.


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