Herbal Medicine

Herbal remedies are one of the most important tools in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  They are time tested, with over a 5000 year old history, and an excellent alternative to pharmaceuticals.  The most important difference between pharmaceuticals and herbal remedies is that pharmaceuticals are often prescribed for a lifetime use and can have negative, long term side effects whereas herbal remedies are taken only until they’ve rebalanced and strengthened the body with minimal to no side effects.  Herbal remedies promote health rather than dependency.

Heather has extensive training in Chinese herbal medicine as well as years of hands on experience through internships and private practice.

She would be delighted to speak to you about our herbal remedies.  Contact us to schedule a consultation at 801-337-3967

How can herbal medicine help you?

There is a wide range of medical diseases and conditions that herbal remedies are effective at treating.  Just a few of the areas that herbal remedies are most effective at treating include:

Cardiovascular Disorders: Such as hypertension, high cholesterol, circulatory disorders and coronary artery disease.

Digestive Disorders: Such as constipation, diarrhea, food poisoning, ulcer, acid reflux, IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and abdominal pain.

Menstrual Disorders: Such as amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, infertility, menstrual pain, fibroids and yeast infections.

Musculoskeletal Disorders: Such as migraines, acute back pain, chronic shoulder and neck pain, broken bones, osteoporosis, gout, joint pain and traumatic injuries.

Pediatric Disorders: Such as ADHD, allergies, asthma, cold, cough, fever, insomnia, bedwetting and stomachache.

What is an herbal remedy?

An herbal remedy or formula is a group of several herbs chosen both for their specific functions as well as their synergistic relationship they create when combined.  Ingredients included in herbal formulas are things such as leaves, twigs, roots, flowers, animal elements and minerals.  Each remedy is customized for your specific healthcare concern and individualized constitution.

What are the potential side effects?

The side effects are minimal when prescribed by a licensed acupuncturist.  Medications have so many side effects because the active component is removed from the plant or it is prepared in a laboratory where cellulose and other imporrtant components are removed.  Herbal remedies, however, use all components of the plant, including cellulose to minimize side effects.  If you have a weaker digestive system, you may experience some discomfort after taking an herbal formula.  If this is the case, stop takng the remedy and contact Heather.


Curious about how herbs can help you?  Call us at 801-337-3967 to schedule a consultation

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