Insurance for Acupuncture

CC Natural Medicine in Salt Lake City, Utah accepts insurance for acupuncture.  We are contracted with some major insurance carriers, please see list below.  We offer complimentary insurance coverage verification.  We will find out whether your insurance plan covers acupuncture and the details of your benefits.  Please click button below to enter your insurance information.  If you wish CC Natural Medicine to bill your insurance for your acupuncture visits, your coverage must be verified before your first appointment.  Please allow 2 business days to verify your coverage before your first visit.  We cannot bill insurance without this information.


Verify Your Insurance


CC Natural Medicine is In-network with:

  • Multiplan
  • Optum
  • PEHP summit plan
  • BCBS
  • Blue Cross FEP

CC Natural Medicine is Out of network with:

  • Aetna

CC Natural Medicine cannot bill for:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Select Health

*Rates for insurance patients are higher than cash rates to account for billing time and follow up on payment*


You, the patient, are responsible for your deductible, co-pays and any unpaid balance after insurance payment.  If your insurance company requests additional information to process your claims, we will gladly submit the additional paperwork to aid them, but you are ultimately responsible for the charges incurred at our office.  If insurance payment has not been made within 60 days from the date of service, you will be asked to make payment on the outstanding portion of your account.  If CC Natural Medicine receives insurance payment after this time, the office will reimburse you or apply the credit to your account.

If your insurance plan changes you are required to let the office know.  Any unpaid balance due to change in coverage are the responsibility of the patient.



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